Best Time To Do Helicopter Tour In Kauai

Best Time To Do Helicopter Tour In Kauai – This helicopter tour of the Kauai Na’Pali Coast was my favorite activity we did during our entire visit to the Hawaiian Islands. I had so many questions before booking, like is it worth it, is it safe, what should I wear and what time of day are we going? I have all these answers for you in this post.

First, I am so glad I booked the Mauna Loa helicopter tours. They offer a private helicopter ride, so a window seat is guaranteed, which was important for me to get all these photos.

Best Time To Do Helicopter Tour In Kauai

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How To Make The Most Of Your Helicopter Tour In Kauai!

Our pilot was amazing and made sure we were completely safe and comfortable. We decided to fly with the doors closed, and Dan might not agree because he doesn’t like heights, but I thought it made the experience even more incredible! I really felt safe because I could feel the wind blowing in the air and inside the helicopter.

Since we were flying with the doors closed, it was very important to wear warm layers. It’s very cold and windy when you’re up in the air, so I’m very grateful for the jacket and leggings. Closed-toe shoes are also essential.

Because of my hair, I tied it back into a braid and tucked it into my jacket, but I still got a few tangles after landing. I was thinking about what to do with the camera bag and other things. Conveniently, there is a closed compartment under my seat where I can store mine.

Dan brought his GoPro and I used my Sony A7Rii with my standard 35mm prime lens. I’m really glad I didn’t bring a wide angle lens, but that’s up to you and your style. We’ll keep our iPhone hidden, but if you want to use the phone, you’ll need to learn how to attach it to your body. We’ve seen these waterproof string cases all over Hawaii, which can be a great option.

Helicopter Tours In Kauai

The weather on Kauai is very changeable. Somewhere on the island it rains a little every day which is why it is so green and lush with amazing waterfalls around every corner.

For this reason, it is strongly recommended that you book your trip as soon as possible. We booked the first day in Kauai to give us a better chance of rescheduling if the weather didn’t cooperate.

I also searched every website and forum available to see what time of day would be the best weather and light for photos. In general, there is no right answer…

However, I found that the Na’Pali Coast had better lighting in the afternoon, so we booked the trip for 2:30pm. We were lucky when we reached the coast it was so sunny and beautiful. A few minutes after we got through the best part, the rain clouds moved in and the scene changed completely.

Kauai By Helicopter

We are lucky enough to experience the Na’Pali coast by air and sea, which I will discuss in my next post. We also planned to hike the Kalalau Trail. Unfortunately, the floods I wrote about here have seriously affected the trail and I’m not sure when it will reopen.

If I had to choose one route, I would choose the helicopter. Seriously, it’s amazing. Several times I put down the camera tip and took in the experience. Have you ever been on a helicopter tour? Let me know which ones in the comments!

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When you choose one of these Kauai helicopter tours, you’ll likely fly over Waimea Canyon, the Na Pali Coast, Hanalei Valley, Mt. Waialeale, Bountiful Falls and more. Flights last approximately one hour, with the option of shorter or longer flights, including stopovers. You can depart from Lihue near the airport and the Princeville airport near our North Shore Kauai vacation rentals.

Flying Over Kauai: Why Choose A Plane Over A Helicopter?

Yes, and fun too! With more than 100 flights per day, problems are extremely rare. Turbine-powered helicopters are considered the safest option. Some flights even operate without doors for added excitement.

You’ll want to book in advance, especially during peak travel periods. After selecting a Kauai vacation rental, contact or guest concierge to book your trip. In addition to guaranteeing you a seat, many companies offer a pre-purchase discount that we can tell you about. You can find a lot of reviews online, so you can read in advance whether other people liked the trip you are going on.

Blue Hawaiian is the largest and perhaps the most famous of the islands. They have been flying for 35 years and use state-of-the-art Airbus Eco-Stars and Airbus A-Stars designed specifically for air travel. Their tours depart 45 and 50 minutes from the helipad near Lihue Airport and Princeville Airport.

Island Helicopters have been in the market for decades and fly the new Eurocopter AStar helicopters with glass doors and floor-to-ceiling windows. They operate the Big Island Circle Tour 50 minutes from the airport in Lihue. Island Helicopters also offers a 75-minute tour that lands at the base of Manawaiopuna Falls (as seen in Jurassic Park), which is otherwise closed to the public.

A Helicopter Tour Of Kauai

Jack Harter has been flying since 1962 and uses a six-passenger AStar helicopter with floor-to-ceiling windows for exceptional visibility. They also use a four-seater Hughes 500 aircraft that flies without doors. The company offers a variety of sixty to ninety minute tours from the Lihue heliport.

Mauna Loa Helicopter Tours has a four-passenger Robinson R44 helicopter. In operation since 2006, they offer private tours for up to 3 passengers from 55 minutes and more. Departure is from the Lihue heliport.

Safari Helicopter Tours operates A-Star 350 B2-7 helicopters with large viewing windows, air conditioning and noise canceling headphones. They provide a 60-minute ride and a 100-minute ride that offers a 40-minute layover.

Sunshine Helicopters and Will Squires Helicopter Tours are now one company. They offer 50-minute trips from the Lihue Heliport on FX STAR and Whisper STAR aircraft. Trips are also 30 to 50 minutes from Princeville Airport.

A Guide To Helicopter Tours On Kauai

We use cookies to ensure you have the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site, we will assume that you are satisfied with it.OkDo not resell my data | Privacy Policy As always, I chatted with the couple sitting next to me on the plane and excitedly told them it was our first visit to Hawaii.

They are just regular Hawaiians talking about how amazing the island of Kauai is. I asked them what their favorite island activity was and they both immediately said that the Kauai helicopter tour was the best thing they could do.

My first thought was that it was a little too much and completely out of our budget. But as they described it, we quickly became convinced that it was a necessary activity.

If you’re still on the fence about booking a Kauai helicopter tour (which can be as much as $250 per person!!), we hope this post will convince you that it’s worth it.

A Doors Off Helicopter Kauai Tour: Is It Worth It?

Kauai has hidden waterfalls to explore, deep canyons to explore, hidden beaches and more that are only available to those who want to see it from the air!

Many of Kauai’s waterfalls are on private property, not accessible by road, or simply hidden in the landscape by dense forest.

You can see them up close with the Kauai Helicopter Tour! Our favorite is this stack of four waterfalls that all lead into this deep valley.

This part of Kauai is not accessible to cars because there are no roads leading to it. The only way to

Kauai Helicopter Tour: A Complete Guide And Photos Tips

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