Black Friday / Cyber Monday Madness!

Let me set the scene: it’s 6:00pm on Thanksgiving (t-minus two days, people). You are chowing down on a turkey leg, coming up for air only so you can shovel some glorious mashed potatoes into your mouth when you realize that Black Friday is technically already here. You immediately think of the calamity occurring at your local mall, and shudder. You want to participate in this opportunity to score some deals as much as the next gal, but the thought of having to face the crowds and the lines and the chaos puts quite the damper on your holiday evening with the fam. Yet, there are presents to buy for people (including yourself)! There must be a better solution….

Anjé’s got you covered! We totally get the hype of Black Friday…who doesn’t love a good deal? However, why should you have to leave your house when everything you need can be delivered right from Starting at 8:00pm on Thursday, November 23rd, we will be holding the mother of all Black Friday / Cyber Monday sales. Let me give you the run down:

Free shipping
Because who actually factors in shipping when setting a price limit for a holiday gift swap? Type in code BFCM17 or click the link below to receive free shipping on your order!

Cashmere sale
What could be cozier? Anjé cashmere makes for the perfect present for all of the loved ones you want to keep warm this winter! Enter code BFCM100 or click the link below to receive an additional $100 off on all cashmere!

Silk tee sale
Anjé silk tees are the ultimate layering piece for anyone’s wardrobe. A can-do-no-wrong gift for any of the ladies in your life…including you! Type BFCM40 at checkout or click the link below to receive 40% off all silk tees.

 Free tank!
Our buttery soft modal? Yeah, that’s on sale too! During this BFCM sale, if you buy one of our modal pieces, you’ll get a free tank…no code required!


Don’t leave your gift shopping to the last minute, Anjéls! If you click the links from this newsletter, the discount codes will automatically be applied at checkout, easy-peasy. Give yourself the gift of stress-free holiday shopping and capitalize on our BFCM sale! (And of course, have a very Happy Thanksgiving!) 

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