I Tried the 21 Day Abundance Challenge and Here’s What I Found

At this point, we’ve all heard talk about mindfulness and manifesting our best lives. These practices are an antidote to the penchant we seem to have for working ourselves to exhaustion without feeling like we have much to show for it. There’s a superfluity of literature and other content out there if you want to dive into it, from The Secret to The Law of Attraction for Dummies. You may have even heard of meditation challenges cropping up. In 2003, Oprah and Deepak Chopra (world-renowned pioneer in mind-body medicine and personal transformation) started introducing a series of meditation experiences. One of these experiences was the 21 Day Abundance Challenge, which I recently gave a go…

The Concept
This particular challenge is all about clarifying your beliefs and attracting abundance into your life. Members of your groupchat receive a reflection task from the host of the group and have to complete it by a certain time each day. Once the task is completed, you simply state to the group that you’ve completed it. If you don’t state that you’ve completed the task, the host will remove you from the group, as to the keep the energy flowing properly. These tasks are accompanied by a short daily meditation, about 15 minutes each. By the end of the 21 days, you should feel more equipped to harness an infinite source of abundance with just your thoughts, allowing you to lead a more prosperous life. 

The Reality
On Day 0, I was added to a group by our lovely Anjé CEO. She set the intentions of the group and explained that there was no heat if we didn’t want to commit to the challenge. Saying that I’m a meditation rookie would be an understatement, so this was definitely out of my comfort zone, but I decided I’d give it a try anyway!

I did Day 1’s meditation on my morning train ride, still half chewing my breakfast sandwich. The task required us to write a list of at least 50 people who influenced our development, which I did with ease as soon as I got into the office. This might not be so hard after all!  

Day 2 involved another meditation (also done on the train) and the task of writing out all of our debts and monthly payments. It was satisfying to have my debts and payments laid out in front of me like that. It gave me good perspective on my financial situation. I noticed, however, that meditating on a rush hour train was a truly testing endeavor…yet I persevered.

Day 3’s challenge was to draw anything that would help to pay off the debts that were listed from Day 2’s exercise (please don’t judge my lack of artistic direction). Day 3 occurred on a Friday, which meant I had to force reluctant friends to do the meditation with me since I was meeting up with them right after work. This proved to be even more distracting than the train...

By Day 4 I was starting to get into a rhythm, but maybe only because it was a Saturday. I did the meditation comfortably on my bed and thoughtfully wrote my task for the day – a list of people I consider to be prosperous. 

Day Five’s challenge was to create and host a group of our own…which threw me for a loop. I was already struggling to allocate the time to keeping up with my current group. How would I be able to run my own? As I bustled about my day, I wondered who I should invite to the group, or when I could really put aside time each day to conduct it. Before I knew it, the deadline came and went, and I was graciously removed from the groupchat.

The Verdict
So I only made it 4 days in, but I’m glad I gave it a shot! In trying out this 21 Day Abundance Challenge, I realized how much I rely on multi-tasking (or doing multiple things at the same time poorly.) If you’re going to try meditating, make the extra time for it! I was also reacquainted with the importance of visualization. Having a clear picture of your goals can help keep you focused on them #visionboards people 😉! While this structured meditation program didn’t do it for me, I can see myself incorporating meditative practices and reflection exercises into my over-abundant schedule…just not on the train this time.


Have you ever tried one of these meditation challenges? What are your thoughts on manifestation? Lay it all on us by commenting below!

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