Nifty Beauty Hacks You Haven’t Seen Before

Lauren's Hack Attack

Here we go, another list of beauty hacks…apple cider vinegar everything, apply your concealer like this and not like that, blah blah blah. Well I dare you to take a look at my personal list of life-saving beauty hacks, and tell me that you’ve seen them all before!

1. The straightener curl
How much time do you spend curling your hair with a curling iron? Doesn’t it take forever? You wrap small locks of hair around the curler, you wait an eternity for it to curl, and then you repeat the process over and over until that bedhead look doesn’t seem so bad anymore. So what do you do when you’re craving beautiful curls, but don’t want to be held hostage by your curling iron? Meet my favorite hair-styling tool, the straightener (huh?). Yup, you heard me, I use my straightener to curl my hair every single time! All you have to do is start as if you were going to straighten your hair, then twist your straightener while still clamping the hair and moving in a downward motion. You can use your straightener for curls, or you can even create a freshly blown out look by just curving out the ends of your hair with your straightener. It’s also super convenient to consolidate your hair-styling tools to one single tool that does it all (especially when you’re traveling and don’t have room to pack the entire beauty salon)!  

2. Walking on pins and needles
Not literally, of course. I’d advise you to proceed with caution while using this hack, but it’s a game-changer nonetheless! I feel like every mascara I buy promises to be clump free, yet once that second coat goes on, it’s clump central. I wasn’t prepared to give up my voluminous, lengthy lashes just because my mascara was chronically clumpy. Then, like a gift from the makeup heavens, I got the idea to start separating the clumps with either a pin or a needle! Ever since, this hack has completely revolutionized my makeup routine; instead of wasting time wiping away clumpy mascara, I simply throw on as many coats as I want to get that thick lash look, and then take a couple of seconds to separate the clumps with a pin or a needle! Now who says they don’t like having pins and needles ;)?

3. Under one condition(er)…
Dead ends. The bane of every woman’s existence. Anytime we use a heat product on our hair, it’s game over. Because I used to straighten my hair at 450 degrees every day (yikes), the ends of my hair were starting to die off like you wouldn’t believe! My hair was so dried out that it felt like hay, and I was scared that it would just start falling out. “Silly girl, you should’ve been using a heat guard spray before you used the straightener!” I WAS! EVERY. TIME. And yet my ends just got worse and worse. One night after I got out of the shower and glanced down at my sad excuse for hair, I decided I had had enough. I grabbed my conditioner and ran it through my ends with my fingers. In fact, I smothered those ends, and shamelessly left that conditioner in my hair, hoping it would help. I know they make leave in conditioners, but why buy a separate product and have the clutter of two bottles when using your regular conditioner is just as effective for your dead ends? Within days, my hair was drastically healthier, and now I can use my straightener guilt free!

4. Master the castor oil
I’m willing to bet that you want longer, fuller lashes no matter how long or full they are right now. Too much is never enough when it comes to your lovely lashes, so what’s a girl to do? Slap on some fancy mascara and hope that’ll cut it? Suffer through the trauma of wearing fake eyelashes? If only there was a way you could naturally grow your lashes…without medication!
 For those of you who don’t know what castor oil is, I’ll start by telling you that it’s actually a laxative…but before you think I’m a loon for putting this known laxative on a beauty hacks list, let me explain. Although castor oil can be used as a laxative, it’s one of those natural substances that have many uses and benefits (think along the lines of apple cider vinegar and petroleum jelly). One of those benefits is hair growth! Before I go to bed each night, I dab some castor oil on the base of my eyelashes with a Q-tip. After the first night, my eyelashes were 10 times fuller!!! I’m joking, I’m joking, but after a while I did notice a difference in my natural lash length and fullness. Castor oil is also extremely moisturizing, so it fortifies your lashes if they’re dried out (which means you’ll have less fallen lashes to make wishes on, sorry). The castor oil I use is only six bucks, and one bottle has lasted me over a year! Give it a try and you’ll be batting your luscious lashes like it’s your day job!

5. Steam away those stains!
You go to throw on your favorite black shirt, Anjé’s Silk Tee, of course…but your day is propelled into a frenzy when you look in the mirror and see big old white deodorant stains on it! You don’t have time to wash it out, and there’s no other shirt that completes your outfit like The Silk Tee. You’re doomed! DUNDUNDUN. Alright, calm down, I’m sorry if I just provoked any painful flashbacks. This inevitable disaster can be easily fixed! Grab your steamer and just steam away the stain, it’s that easy. If you don’t own a steamer, I’d highly recommend investing in one.  Not only is it extremely cathartic to watch the wrinkles on your clothes disappear when you steam them out, but now you know that you can also steam out those retched deodorant stains too!

Got any beauty hacks that have changed your life? Let us know by commenting below…sharing is caring after all!

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