NYC Fourth of July Bucket List 🇺🇸

Someone add “Party in the USA” to the queue, because it’s almost the Fourth of July! Unlike last year, this Independence Day signifies near victory over the pandemic and a renewed sense of independence for each and every one of us. With extra excitement in the air, there’s a bunch brewing in NYC to ensure you have a Fourth of July you’ll never forget. There will certainly be no shortage of celebrations! To help you plan your day, take a peek at our NYC bucket list, Fourth of July Edition! 

1. Patriotic Nails 
With fun nails so in right now, there’s no way we’re spending this Fourth with boring fingers! From tie-dye to Stars and Stripes, check out some ideas below so you can rock some patriotic painted nails! 

2. Nathan’s Famous Hotdog Eating Contest
If you’re fully vaxed and unafraid of crowds, consider taking the subway down to Coney Island and watching Nathan’s Famous Hotdog Eating Contest firsthand! Doors will open at 10am and the event will begin at 10:45am at Maimonides Park. This’ll either set the tone for a fun day ahead or make you lose your appetite, but regardless, tickets are free! 

Reserve yours here 

3. Fourth of July Boat Cruise 
There are tons of boat cruises happening around NYC this Independence Day and after the year we’ve had, we all deserve to get our red white and booze on! Plus it looks like it’s going to be a beautiful day to be on the water...nothing but smooth sailing! 

4. Macy’s Fireworks Show 
Snap, crackle, pop…BOOM! Aren’t we long overdue for a great fireworks show? Lucky for us, there’s no show better than the Macy’s Fireworks Show, notoriously known as the biggest fireworks show in America. You can catch the show, preceded by special performances, on the East River from 8pm to 10pm. The whole nation will be watching, so why not experience it in person if you can?! 

5. Watch a Festive Flick
After a long day of patriotic partying, it’ll be nice to settle in and end with a movie! Get cozy on your rooftop and throw any of these films onto the projector for a sure fire crowd pleaser activity to conclude the palooza:
Independence Day 
National Treasure 
Top Gun 
Apollo 13
Captain America 


What’s on your Fourth of July bucket list this year? Let us know by commenting below! 
And Happy Fourth of July 🇺🇸

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