Our Favorite Street Style Looks from NYFW

If you happened to catch an influx of well-dressed people romping around NYC recently, that’s because New York Fashion Week was back in full(ish)l swing this year! From September 8th to September 12th, designers showcased their Spring 2022 collections, but for a fully vaxxed and masked audience that was half the size of what it normally would be. Either way, we’ll take it! Despite the limited number of attendees at shows, there was certainly no shortage of fashion to adore...both on the runways and on the streets. It’s no secret that street style is what drives today’s trends, and where better to get a glimpse of it than outside of NYFW shows of course? Take a peek at our favorite street style looks from NYFW for some sartorial inspo! 

1. Warm Hues 
We know everyone’s head is in fall mode, which may be part of the reason why we love these warm-hued looks that graced the streets during NYFW. Earth tones all day! 

2. Bold Blazers 
Last week we ran through some fall fashion trends, which featured casual blazers as a big one. Although these blazer looks weren’t all necessarily casual, they all made for some stunning styles! Muted or bright, casual or opulent, blazers are a go to at the moment! 

3. Denim Galore 
Denim is truly a versatile textile (say that ten times fast!), but we love how it was played up in some street style looks. From carefully tailored denim jackets to baggy denim on denim fits...we’re here for it! 

4. Post-Labor Day White 
Gasp! How scandalous! But indeed, this year we saw a lot of great all-white looks even though “summer” was long over! To hell with the rules though, all white can always be in style in our humble opinions...and there are plenty of street style fashionistas to back us up on that! 

5. Cutout Tops 
Playful cutouts have been no stranger to the looks of the trendiest among us, but during NYFW they really had a moment! In particular, asymmetrical cutout tops stole the street show! 


Which street style looks are your favorite? Let us know by commenting below! 

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