Prioritizing YOU Time

Is it just me, or has this summer been insanely busy? It seems like ever since the vaccines started rolling out, we all booked every single weekend for the whole season. And rightfully so! It had been almost a year and a half since we had a wild night out with friends or went home for a family barbecue. But with all the plans and running around, I think a lot of us are feeling a sense of social burnout. We had gotten so used to having nothing to do besides keeping ourselves company that this tsunami of social activity was refreshing at first, but is now a bit overwhelming. With so much going on, it’s important that we prioritize time for ourselves now more than ever. Take a look at our tips and tricks for ensuring you have YOU time!  

Limit the marathon months
Are you saying yes to a weekend trip during your one free weekend of the month? You may feel like it’ll be fine now, but think of how exhausted you’ll be by the end of that marathon month. If you can, suggest a different weekend! By sprinkling in blocked weekends of free time on your calendar, you’ll give yourself some breathing room. It’s okay to not have something planned every weekend! 

Consult your calendar and micro-book
Have you been neglecting your monthly manifesting and scripting session because you feel like there’s too much going on? Missing out on your 15 minute bi-weekly meditations? No matter how small the self-care activity is, block it on your calendar so you’ll get the notification to do it and will feel like you’re supposed to be doing anything else during that time. 

The one hour rule 
If you feel obligated to go to an event or social gathering, you can promise yourself that you only have to go for an hour. Set a timer on your phone, go and show face, and then dip so you can recharge! It’s the best of both worlds 🤷‍♀️. 

Attach it to activities you already need to do
Your Sunday night grocery run? Why not make it a self-care ritual? Walk to the Trader Joe’s instead of taking the subway so you can get some fresh air and listen to your podcast. It’ll be a lot easier to weave in some you-time if you tack it onto things you would already need to be doing! 

Do you actually want to go?
The pandemic wiped our calendars clear and forced us to refresh. As we’ve jumped back into the social scene, we should be more intentional about which events we actually want to go to and which people we actually want to see. The “return to normalcy” has been hyped up, which increases the pressure for you to say yes to everything. But at the end of the day, there’s nothing wrong with cherry picking the events and people you want to spend your time on! Thank you, but I can’t. 


How have you been feeling lately as the world continues to reopen? What have you been doing to make sure you’re recharging? Let us know by commenting below! 

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