REVIEW: Happy Go Lucky Exhibit

Back at it again with another review of an immersive exhibit! We know by now that this is a codeword for artsy and Instagram worthy, but did the TikTok famous Happy Go Lucky Exhibit live up to the hype? Read on...

“Here is a place where you can immerse yourself in a cacophony of glittering lights and dazzling scenes as we celebrate all the wondrous joy that is you.”

This is how the Happy Go Lucky (HGL) exhibit is branded…essentially a good vibes echo chamber, with rooms featuring optical illusions, mirrors, lights, flowers, and tons of bright colors. Located in Soho, the exhibit is set to run through October 17th in NYC and tickets will cost about $31-35 depending on whether or not you go during a peak time. 

TLDR: think

My Rating 
I’d rate this exhibit a solid 8/10. All of the people who worked there were incredibly nice and will really gas you up as you’re getting your picture taken! The photo opps were pretty elaborate and thoughtfully designed, which led to some awesome pictures! Oh, and did I mention you get a free snack at the end? Yup, it’s your choice between popcorn, cotton candy, or an ice! 

My favorite room featured a whole optical illusion set up and a kaleidoscope tunnel where color changes, shapes morph, light shifts, and patterns spin (reminded me of a mini Artechouse!). 

The main qualm I had with this exhibit was that it felt a little awkward at times to pose and be photographed in front of other people. It was pretty quiet in some rooms, so it was easier to get camera shy! I also think it could’ve been priced a touch lower for how quickly we got through it, but the $35 was definitely still reasonable! 

The Takeaway 
As far as immersive exhibits go, this one’s a solid choice IF you’re going because you want some fire pictures of you and your friends. If you want to just experience art and vibe out, you might find this place a little superficial and not worth the money. Every single room is designed for you to pose in and snap some shots. So if that’s not your jam, maybe pass on this one. But if you’re all about the photo opps, I’d absolutely recommend it! Your IG followers will thank you 😉. 


Would you check out this exhibit? Any other ones we should review? Let us know by commenting below! 

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