If you haven’t noticed by now, here at Anjé, we’re all about trying new things and then reporting back to you on whether or not it’s worth your hard earned bucks or not. Especially as the world has slowly been reopening and we’re all trying to be a bit more intentional about how we spend our time. This week we’re reviewing (yup, you guessed it!) another one of those immersive light exhibits, SuperReal. Although this exhibit actually surprised us… 

First, a quick overview of what SuperReal is. According to the marketing on their website, SuperReal is an unprecedented projection mapping spectacle that adds a layer of reality to our world. Fusing cutting-edge technology with an iconic venue, visitors are introduced to original art paired with 360 degree surround sound. 

TLDR: think Van Gogh Exhibit or Artechouse. 

But unlike either of those exhibits, I really hadn’t heard of this experience (no Instagram ads, no influencer posts, etc.) until I stumbled across it from a TikTok that someone shared with me. Located right across from the Charging Bull in FiDi, SuperReal will only be open until the end of September!  

My Rating 
Overall, I’ll give this exhibit a 7/10. The location was super easy to get to and is right near Battery Park, so you can seamlessly build an itinerary around the experience. The venue, the Grand Hall at Cipriani on 25 Broadway, was truly spectacular. The super high ceilings and openness of the hall let the music billow throughout the space and reverberate into your core. 

I liked that there were plenty of beanbag chairs to lay down on and enjoy the 45 minute show comfortably. At Van Gogh and Artechouse there was only a hard floor to sit on. I also loved the surround certain points I looked over my shoulder to see if a voice was coming from a real person! 

The exhibit lost points because it felt a bit disjointed. There was no real storyline or premise to the art and sounds. It all felt pretty random and thrown together, but I guess that did add to the dream-like quality of the exhibit. 

The Takeaway 
SuperReal is great if you really want to be immersed in an art exhibit. If you’re looking to get some cool pics of yourself or your friends, I’d suggest going to Artechouse. Both exhibits are a similar price, but pictures of SuperReal don’t do it justice and the space doesn’t really allow for people to stand or even sit up against the walls for cool pictures (I mean you could, but you’d be very obnoxiously disrupting the experience for everyone else). 

To truly enjoy this exhibit, I would go in with the POV of entering a dream. Sit through it without taking pictures or IG stories. Be truly present, try to think of it as a 45 minute meditation, and I think you’ll end up loving it! 


Have you been to SuperReal? What is the best immersive exhibit you’ve been to? What do you want us to review next? Let us know by commenting below!! 

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