Snuggly Scarf Season Top Picks

Alright, I know that people talk about the weather when they don’t know what else to say, but seriously…this weather lately! We’re in this awkward state of cold mornings and mild afternoons, which can make dressing quite the challenge. There are plenty of ways to get by this tricky transitional time without looking like, as my mother would say, a ragamuffin. A leather jacket, for example, is an absolute staple! Layers on layers on layers is also a common tactic, but within that domain is a favorite piece of mine…THE SCARF. Providing extreme versatility, scarves are the perfect element of diversity in any basic wardrobe. This is the magical time of year when all the cozy scarves come back into play. In honor of frosty fall weather and the start of snuggly scarf season, here are few of my top picks for some classic scarf styles!

The oversized plaid
We can thank Burberry for notoriously popularizing plaid when it comes to scarves, but there’s something so inherently fall about a tantalizing tartan pattern! Coach’s oversized plaid scarf caught my eye because of its simplicity, but also because of its niftiness. Not only is the scarf crafted with lightweight cashmere, but the rose color style even has built in pockets! A scarf truly worthy of snuggling up with, it was just begging to be a top pick.

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The poncho scarf
Is it a poncho? Or just a really heavy-duty scarf? The world may never know, but I’m pretty content in getting two for the price of one! Poncho scarves are particularly useful on days when it may not be cold enough for your winter jacket. My top pick? Our very own Cashmere Poncho! This masterpiece creation is everything you need and more. Made with optional snap closures on both sides, convenient pockets, and buttery soft cashmere, this baby will have you saying ponch-oh-yes! (That was a new level of corny, I’m so sorry). Available in Black Houndstooth, Grey Houndstooth and Solid Charcoal, be sure to grab yours before the snow starts falling!

The chunky scarf
Aaahhh a true classic. Fall won’t last forever, and what would winter be without your favorite chunky scarf to get you through? From my time spent in Italy, I realized that Europeans really value a quality scarf, and have no shame in wrapping it around as many times as they can! That’s gonna be my strategy this winter, and the scarf that’s most fit for the job is none other than the Jaden Ribbed Fringe Blanket Scarf by Free People. What I love about this scarf is that it comes in six colors that are bound to complement any color pallet, and it’s fairly affordable. Time to bundle up!

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Sink into the snugness of your warmest scarves and brace yourself for the winter ahead! Looking for some basics to pair with your arctic armor? Look no further!

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