Songs That’ll Get You Gassed Up

Answer me this, my friends. Am I the only one who feels strung out by the long wait for warmer weather and nice nights outside? Around this time of year, it’s not hard to fall into a bit of a slump. The days can seem monotonous, and your level of inspiration and confidence might seem to be dwindling by the second. Not to mention that although it doesn’t seem like it, bikini season is right around the corner (is anyone ever really prepared for that?). But wait! Let’s not fall into an abyss of anguish here! Whenever I need a little zest in my life, or something to get me into a good groove, I rely on the power of music to get me there! Yes, it’s great when friends and family gas you up too, but sometimes you need to be a little more self-sufficient. Whether you’re getting in shape for summer (dundundun), cranking it out at work, or just need a little extra pep in your step, take a listen to these songs that are sure to gas you up!
1. Truth Hurts – Lizzo
This woman is the full embodiment of a badass, and her music certainly reflects that! Truth Hurts is a song that truly slaps (I think that’s what all the cool kids say now?). #womensempowerment to the max.

2. Shrimp – Dessa 
46 seconds of pure flow. A concentrated dose of confidence. Bravo, Dessa!

 3. BO$$ – Fifth Harmony 
Okay R.I.P. Fifth Harmony (yeah, yeah, they’re on a hiatus, but Camila Cabello is gone sooo…). Either way, this 2015 throwback is a fantastic running song in my opinion. Also, who doesn’t love a good shout out to Michelle Obama?

4. Champagne Clouds – Malia Civetz 
Did you totally just nail something you’ve been working hard on? (Probably, because I know you’re a go-getter). This song will be your anthem for as long as you need to bask in your glory! Let the champagne flow!

5. Chun-Li – Nicki Minaj
Let’s be real, almost any Nicki Minaj song is bound to shoot an injection of straight swag into your body. So take your pick, but this one’s mine 😌.

 6. Aight – Cody G 
This remake of Kanye’s “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” is not only musical brilliance, but also sounds like the theme song for the most graceful superhero in existence.

7. Glorious – Macklemore (feat. Skylar Grey)  
With a pulsating beat and a chorus that that’ll make you feel like you’re taking a victory lap at the Olympics, this one’s a winner. Macklemore has come a long way since Thrift Shop!

8. 1999 – Viceroy, Brandyn Burnette, EMAN8 
Besides fearing the impending doom of the world ending because computers wouldn’t be able to properly register the year 2000, I’d say 1999 was a pretty good year, right? This song encapsulates those undeniably good vibes!

9. no tears left to cry – Ariana Grande 
We are officially in the era of Ari, my friends! Although this one’s not off her latest album, I still think it’s the epitome of positivity!

10. APESHIT – The Carters  
If I had to listen to one song before going into a boxing match against Ronda Rousey, this would be it. Thank you, Beyoncé and Jay Z. Enough said.


Let us know what we’re missing from this list!

Comment below with your best pump up songs!

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