Top 3 Makeup Trends of Summer 2021

2021 is shaping up to be a year of rebirth and renaissance, just like we had all hoped. With summer right around the corner, there’s a lot to think about, chickadees! If you’re club #vaxed you might’ve already spent some time at social gatherings by now. Either way, with nicer weather and vaccines rolling out, in-person shindigs will be happening more and more. That means you can’t necessarily hide behind a Zoom screen anymore (we know, it’s terrifying). But as the world goes through a rebirth in the coming months, maybe your makeup routine can too! For some inspo on how to look like the fashionista inside you that’s been waiting to come out again, check out our top three makeup trends of summer 2021.
 1. Next to nothing skin
The no-makeup look has been in for a while and it’s certainly not going anywhere. Instead, the trend is getting a slight update this summer. Soft, dewy skin will be what it’s all about. Lots of peptide face oils and shimmery highlighter to come (think Supergoop Glowscreen). But having a good skin care routine is absolutely key. We know what you’re thinking – but what about the mask-ne I need to cover up? Spot treat with concealer and powder where you need to…but above all, embrace your blemishes! And if you’re really looking for some heavy duty help for your skin, we swear by Curology.

 2. Colorful liner
We’re always a big fan of the classic cat eye black liner look, but this summer we’ll all be seeing much more hue on everyone’s lovely lids. Adding a swipe of color with a liner is a great way to ease into the wearing bold colors without committing to a whole eyelid with a bright shade. Consider neons (aqua, electric yellow, firetruck red), earthy tones (forest green, cognac, burnt orange), or even pastels that are more subtle (light pink, baby blue, lilac). Colorful liner actually pairs well with more outfit choices than you’d think, but a surefire match will always be our more basic tops and dresses like the Silk Tee, Modal Racerback Tank, and the Essential Dress.   

3. Slick and thick brows
The evolution of eyebrow shape and size over the decades makes for some great TikTok content, but no one can argue that full, brushed out brows are dominating right now. This will only continue into the summer, where we’ll see more slicked up eyebrows than we ever have. Celebrities have been rocking the look for some time now, some even admitting to hopping on the soap brow trend (yup, it’s exactly what it sounds like). However you want to achieve your full brow look, this summer is the time to make it happen!


Which beauty trend can you see yourself rocking this summer? Any ones we missed? Give us a shout by commenting below!

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