Your Fall Bucket List 2021

You probably already smelled it in the air, felt it in your bones, and tasted it in your Starbucks cup…but in case you didn’t know, it’s time for fall! 🍂 It’s easy to be labeled as overly obsessed with this glorious season, but the hype for fall is completely warranted. It’s the season of anticipation. There’s so much to look forward to and so many activities to do before this fleeting time of year disappears. But we know you’re busy running to Bath and Body Works to stock up on fall scented candles… so we’ve developed a bucket list for you so you can make the most of fall! 

1. Plan a trip up the Hudson Valley 
Fall is the best in the Hudson Valley Region (apple picking, camping, etc.), which is why a trip there is number one. Towns like Beacon, Rhinebeck, and New Paltz are musts! 

2. Try a new cider 
This fall you’ve got to make it to a new brewery or cidery to try some seasonal flavors! (I just went to one in PA called Rough Edges in case you need a recommendation). 

3. Rocking fall fashion 
Stay tuned next week for this one 👀. 

4. Long runs outside 
It’s going to feel so good to workout outside without feeling like you’re going to pass out or freeze to death. Take advantage of the crisp weather with some scenic runs! 

5. Watch American Horror Story 
AHS is a fall staple, but this season might be on a whole new level. Double Feature premiered August 25th, so be sure to get watching! 

6. Get a haircut 
A new fall cut is in order! Maybe a nice asymmetrical bob to go with your new turtlenecks? 

7. West Village halloween 
The West Village is known for many amazing things, but most iconically for its annual Halloween parade! Catch it at 7pm on October 31st! 

8. Get your finances in order 
Between now and December is the best time to get your money right! Need to set up your Roth IRA? Get it going girl! 

9. Go to a haunted house or corn maze 
Would it even be fall if you didn’t get the s*** scared out of you? 

10. Go to a farmer’s market 
Buy yourself some fresh sunflowers, veggies, and little crafts to keep the fall energy flowing! 

11. Bonus: Join a fantasy football / tailgating 
This fall, get some skin in the game! You don’t have to know anything about football to enjoy football season…but if you do, be sure to throw it in the patriarchy’s face! 


What’s on your fall bucket list? Let us know by commenting below! 

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