Your Fall Starter Pack

All about that autumn aesthetic
Well my friends, it’s that time of year again. Fall is in full swing, so break out the pumpkin spice and let’s get going! This magical season moves quick, so to ensure that you don’t miss out on the awesomeness of autumn, I’ve curated a “fall starter pack”, equipped with essential items that are sure to elicit a fall frenzy within you.
1. Apple Everything

No, I’m not talking about our beloved gadgets… Although I might be sparking a major debate here, I think apples are the fruit of the fall (with pumpkins serving as a very close second)! If you’re team pumpkin, hear me out. I just think apples are a little more versatile. You can pick and make pies out of both fruits, BUT can you eat a caramel pumpkin? No. There’s also apple cider and apple cider donuts that are sure to signal the sweet changing of season. Need a cute apple picking outfit? Of course you do! Throw on Anjé’s Cashmere Poncho with some leggings and a pair of leather riding boots, and you’re good to go!

2. The Halloween Scene
The anticipation of Halloween is one of my favorite parts of fall! Maybe it’s because I have an excuse to watch a ridiculous amount of horror movies and have some sort of justification for it 😅. Even if you’re not a horror movie fan, there are plenty of ways to let Halloween get you in the fall spirit. Going to a haunted house is always a blast, and American Horror Story is the perfect way to get your spookiness in small doses. Even if you just admire all of the Halloween décor that seems to pop up in stores the second summer is over, it’ll prime you for the new season!

3. Fall Photography
No matter where you go during the picturesque season of fall, you will inevitably run into fantastic photo opportunities! Whether you’re on a hike, or a walk through town, there’s a lot of beauty to capture. On my bucket list of artsy scenes to capture this season are: throwing the colorful leaves / fall foliage, some kind of flannel shot, a warm mug of hot cocoa (extra marshmallows), and apples in a wicker basket. Start your own fall photography bucket list and get snapping!

4. Cozy Quarters
Fall is all about beginning to bundle up - that means you’ve gotta find your favorite fuzzy throw blankets, grab the nearest cute mug filled with tea or hot cocoa (as you let me take a picture of it), and cozy up your quarters! A scented candle, some dim lighting, and extra warm socks will do the trick too! Try to give yourself even just a half an hour to zen out in your fall-inspired sanctuary each night, and you’ll be bound to catch the autumn bug. Anjé’s Elbow Pad Sweater is the perfect, buttery soft top to snuggle up in!

5. Lots of Layering!
Layering is definitely key during this season of fairly unpredictable weather. Come on, we’ve all been waiting for the OK to start wearing our scarves and pea coats! Anjé clothing makes layering extra easy because all of our pieces can be mixed and matched effortlessly and comfortably. Not to mention that since our pieces provide a basic foundation for you to add your own flair to, you’ll be able to make your favorite scarf work with all of your layers of Anjé. Want more tips on how to layer like a pro? Take a peek at Angela Brasington’s take here!


Okay, team apple or team pumpkin, people? Comment below, or Tweet us @anjeclothing…it’s in the name of science!


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