Your Galentine’s Day Starter Pack

Ahhhh love is always in the air this time of year, isn’t it? The colder it gets outside, the more inclined we all are to snuggle up with our loved ones. Not to mention a certain love-filled holiday that rolls around every February. Nope, not Valentine’s Day…Galentine’s Day. What is Galentine’s Day you ask? Why thank you for your inquisitiveness. My dad shared the same curiosity when I told him about this holiday a few days ago, so I’ll just clarify for everyone here. 

Galentine’s Day is to Valentine’s Day as Friendsgiving is to Thanksgiving – the opportunity to celebrate how much we love our friends! Distinct from Valentine’s Day, which is usually associated with romantic love (check out last year’s post about love on the brain), Galentine’s Day is focused on lady love. Appreciation for the glorious gals in our lives, women celebrating women... sounds pretty good to us! The holiday is technically on February 13th, but feel free to celebrate all through the weekend! And to facilitate the festivities, we have a little something for you:

Roses are red, violets are blue
Here’s a Galentine’s Day starter pack, specially crafted for you! 
1. Clever cards
Valentine’s Day is known for its variety of humorous and heart-warming cards, and Galentine’s Day should entail no less! Here are some ideas for quirky and cute cards to make or buy for your besties!

2. A queue of friendship themed comedies

What are the movies that keep you and your friends gasping for air? Our top friendship themed comedies that are built for a girls night include Bridesmaids, Clueless, Pitch Perfect, and Sex and the City (the movie and the entire show series…) 

3. A sugary charcuterie board
No Galentine’s Day would be complete without an overload of sugary goodness. A healthy variety of heart shaped delicacies (heart brownies are my go-to) and chocolate covered anything. A glass of wine in hand is implied of course…

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4. Cozy clothes
A night in with the girls calls for comfort and cuddles. We’ve got just the get up for you! Our Oversized Knit Pullover Sweater and Slouchy Silk Pant are buttery soft and ideal for non-stop nuzzling! You’ll also look pretty chic…just an added bonus.

 5. Laura Berger Art
Laura Berger has been one of our favorite artists for a while. Her work depicts the beauty of women supporting women, which is why it’s worth having at least one of her prints hanging at your Galentine’s Day bash! You can even pick up a Laura Berger art pin!


How are you celebrating this Galentine’s Day? Post your pics and tag us to let us know @anjeclothing – cheers❤️!

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